Economics & Working Capital

The Journal is published four times yearly in London.

Primary objectives of the Journal

To accept and disseminate high quality scientific articles overviewing the main macro/micro economic, legal regulatory and social processes in the world economy and the European Union with a special focus on the global economic system, international and national financial organizations and specific governments complemented by management and organizational behaviour area.

Main scientific fields and subfields

Scientific articles are published in the fields concerning macroeconomical issues including statistics, international economics, international economic integration, international financial organizations and national banks including monetary issues. Furthermore the research of the microeconomical issues including management aspects and organizational behaviour challenges.

Main topics

Management and Organizational Behaviour

  • Corporate governance in business organizations and state owned enterprises and „Good Governance” in the public sector organizations
  • International Management and Corporate Culture
  • Management Planning

Organizing for management- structures and change management

Control in Management – Controlling performance/quality and IT

  • Marketing Mix, Research and Organizations
  • Customer Service and Consumer Protection

Production and Service management

SME management : startups and entrepreneurship

Human Resource Management

  • Staffing and Manpower Planning
  • Employee Development, Career and Talent Strategies
  • Performance and Reward Management

Financial Aspects of Management

  • Accounting Tools and Processes
  • Budgets, Forecasts and Business Planning
  • Developing and Managing the controlling functions